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Car Rental fleet makes Self-driving in Rwanda the best way to experience Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills visiting the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in comfort on Self drive Adventure, Wildlife Game viewing on a self-drive in Akagera National Park. The Toyota Rav4 and Land cruisers are the perfect fleets to take you around Kigali or throughout Rwanda. Rent a car in East Africa today with Access Car Rental Rwanda and Drive Your Own Journey.

We have custom safari cars for hire. Book a Nissan 4X4WD for wildlife viewing in national parks. Has Extra Power for rough roads, Pop Up roof for game drive, Diesel Usage.

Our 4×4 Toyota Land cruisers (Sx and Tx) are very sturdy and reliable cars. They have a powerful Diesel engine and a high ground clearance.

Toyota Coaster Bus is suitable for group tours and seats over 40 people Max with enough luggage space and Full-time 4Wheel available for hire 24/7

We have good 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers TX, TZ for hire in Rwanda. Features Air Condition, takes up to 5 People, both diesel & petrol, Manual or Automatic

The [RAV] Recreational Active Vehicle 4WD crossover SUV is an easy and economical vehicle that can handle all the Rwandan terrain throughout the year. 

Rent the Toyota Prado for an ultimate Self Drive Car rental experience, it’s a Petro, Full-time 4wheel, 5 doors seats with enough luggage space.

The ultimate Car rental, Self Drive with the great 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser. 5 doors seat 4pax max with enough luggage space and Full-time 4Wheel.

The Land Rover 4X4 is available for Self Drive with 5 doors and seats 4pax max with enough luggage space and Full-time 4Wheel and delivered to the destination of your choice

Toyota Noah 14 seater is the best for group travelers. Save much on fuel and rental cost if you are more in numbers with this 4×4 Hiace with pop up better for Game drives.