4×4 car rental Rwanda

4×4 car rental Rwanda is a a car rental package that has got 4 weel drive cars. Access car rentals has decided to bow to the demands by clients for 4×4 cars rental in Rwanda, and we have decided to add 4×4 cars to our car rental fleet.

Due to the test of time, and our experience in the Rwanda car rental business, we  have listed the several advantages that 4×4 cars bellow:

4×4 cars will find their way through bad roads.

Rwanda still has some roads that are not tarmacked, and usually bumpy and sleepery during the rainy season. These roads are normally found in the national parks. If you are to visit Akagera national park for example, you would be safe driving in a 4×4 car because weather is unpredictable. In case it rains, you are sure your 4X4 car rental will go through, with less stuggle. The 4 wheel cars are easily driven through the muddy roads until your final destination.

4×4 car hire from Access car rentals is easy.

When hiring a car from access car rental Rwanda, all you need is your passport for Identification as well as a valid driving permit in case you need the 4×4 self drive car hire in Rwanda. once you have those documents, we are very willing to hire a car to you on Self drive.
You can simply contact us through a phone call, email or whatsapp us and our reservation managers shall respond promptly. You will be required to confirm your booking  after agreeing with the price, duration of the rental and possibly let us know where you plan on going, so that we can be better prepared. Make sure you know the start date and the end date however we are always flexible enough in case you want to extend your car hire from us.

With a good fleet of 4×4 cars which range from  4×4 Toyota land cruiser, 4×4 Toyota Rav 4, 4×4 Toyota super custom, 4×4 Toyota landcruiser extended; you shall be assured of getting the best car that truly reflect your  need.

Come to our office and we shall provide you with our 4×4 car rental Rwanda service.

rwanda 4×4 car hire

4x4 car rental RwandaOur professional 4×4 car hire Rwanda service is one of the cheapest on the market. Go self drive Rwanda has been good at offering affordable 4×4 car hire Rwanda packages to our clients. We always want to be the best at service delivery and this is one of the reasons why our prices are too cheap. Our 4×4  car hire Rwanda services is a service where you can  hire a 4×4 car within Rwanda however we have extended this service to include other neighboring countries of Uganda, Tanzania and Congo. Some of our services like Kigali car rental, the car is only rented within Kigali and this also comes with different terms and conditions. What differentiate our 4×4 car hire Rwanda service from Kigali car rental is that with 4×4 car hire Rwanda you are given the car for hire to any destination within Rwanda