best time to visit Rwanda

Best time to visit Rwanda on a self drive with us

Rwanda can be visited all year round but there is the best time to visit Rwanda which is during the dry season
Planning a Rwanda visit?, Rwanda is a year-round destination though for general wildlife viewing the dry seasons are the best time to visit Rwanda. If you’re a birder, the best time to visit Rwanda is from about November to March as resident birds are supplemented by flocks of migrant species.
If your main focus is gorillas, you can come at any time of the year, thou the rainy season is more difficult and hectic for trekking.
Rwanda’s Season
Despite its proximity to the equator, the high altitude keeps temperatures relatively cool. Temperatures vary considerably depending on their altitude, but do not vary much from one month to another. Rwanda’s temperature ranges between 24°c and 28°c.

The dry season in Rwanda
(April to October)
• The hottest months are August and September.
• The dry season months tend to be better for wildlife viewing, and certainly make life easier on gorilla treks.

Rainy season in Rwanda
(March to May and October to December)
• The wet season is better for tracking chimps in Nyungwe and the scenery will be greener and skyless hazy than in the dry season, which is better for photography.
During the wet season, car rental rates are more affordable and less expensive.
• Travel can be difficult in the rainy season as roads get very muddy however you can always travel during any period throughout the year. What you need to do is to learn about the different weather conditions such that you are aware of what to do and what not to do.
Our professional drivers at Rent a car Rwanda are skilled enough to drive you during any weather condition. In addition, if you are planning to select a self-drive car experience, our team of experts shall be ready to give you insightful tips on how to get the best car hiring experience.

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