car rental with a driver

We offer car rental with a driver/guide for tourists or visitors who prefer to sit back and let a Rwandan navigate the windy roads and bumpy roads for you and make it more easier and interesting to see this beautiful country. Our Driver guides have got not only the experience but also the knowledge to give you deep insights into the Rwandan culture, wildlife and all about Rwanda. We are a great company and make the best out of your trip. They are given a fee of US$ 35 / day to cater for their personal daily allowances like food and lodging.

car rental with a driver guide who are all experienced with drives, guides and mechanics. All have been around with many tourists giving them the experience to move you around as you relax and enjoy the country. Car rental with a driver guide can give you insights into Rwandan culture and tell all stories about the daily life of Rwandese, people, birds and animals

Why you should take a driver with us

  • car rental with a driver option gives you a vehicle of your choice, driven by a professional, reliable chauffeur or guide as part of a sophisticated service package tailored to suit your needs.
  • Enjoy your special day, celebrate a memorable milestone or reach your business destination in comfort and style.
  • Don’t waste time stuck in traffic or Miss safari Activity while on your trip to Rwanda.
  • With unlimited kilometers, the services of our professional chauffeurs, a music selection of your choice, complimentary bottled water, and several other benefits.
  • Having a Chauffeur Drive remains the ultimate in backseat driving.
  • When you need flexibility when collecting people from different locations.
  • When you opt for car rental with a driver guide, you have a chauffeur at your disposal, the option is a full day. In addition chauffeurs, tour guides may be provided on request.
car rental with a driver